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Employer-Sponsored Plan

  • Reduce Your Business Taxes – An employer-sponsored plan is a great way to reduce the annual amount on which you must pay taxes.
  • Attract and Retain Key Employees – A workplace retirement plan is a great way to reward and retain those key employees who are vital to the success of your company, while increasing morale.
  • Build Vital Retirement Assets – New employer-sponsored plans allow for generous contribution limits—well over those for IRA products. You can save faster for your retirement, so you may be able to achieve the lifestyle you are seeking more quickly.

Depending on the size, demographics, and goals of your company, you can select from a number of employer-sponsored retirement plans to find the right one for you. You and your eligible employees can both benefit from your actions and become one step closer to financial security in your golden years.

Fiduciary Management
Contractual sharing of fiduciary role
Establishment of investment process
Maintenance of plan documentation

Investment Knowledge
Investment Policy Statement
Investment selection and monitoring
Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) review

Participant Services
Investment guidance
Customized employee communications
Group and individual education

Vendor Search
Benchmarking of plan costs, services, and investment options
Provider search, selection, and implementation

Plan Design
Review of plan eligibility and distribution
Provide contribution modeling/analysis
Ensure compliance with legislation

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